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Underwater Video

So many fish in the Little Lehigh, Allentown Pennsylvania

With the opening day of trout season just days away, the Little Lehigh in Allentown, PA is well stocked with fish.  This footage was shot at the stone bridge near the park's entrance.  Be sure to watch through to the end to see what has these fish so excited!!

One Eyed Palomino in the Little Lehigh, Allentown Pennsylvania

This is the second time that we have ventured out with our new underwater camera rig, and we made some improvements this time.  First of all we shot in HD 720p, and we were stream side at noon on a sunny day, so the video is significantly better than in our first attempt (see below).  There is still a fair amount of footage that will never make it online because the water is currently rather murky (no camera can fix that...).  We are only posting the good stuff.
In the coming season, expect to hear more about our rig.  If you are interested let us know, and we will post pictures and instructions so you can make one, as well.  And most importantly, expect to see underwater footage of us taking fish, in action!  We'll see what puts off the fish, and what makes them take.
I shot this particular footage of a golden trout with one eye the week before the 2011 trout season opened.  From the looks of it, bait fishermen and fly fishermen alike are set for a treat on the Little Lehigh this year.  There are numerous fish well over 20" in the water, including rainbow trout, brookies, brown trout, and many golden trout.  Unfortunately, we will have to do it without the Little Lehigh Fly Shop this year.
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Click here to see the Viewer in Action!

Maiden Voyage with the Underwater Camera

This is our first attempt at using a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS3 camera underwater with a DicaPack WP-610 underwater camera case.  The shot was taken at the Little Lehigh in Allentown, PA, and we were able to capture a trout, as well as two suckers. You are barely able to see the trout in this video, as we lost alot of the detail during the upload to YouTube.  In our next test we will try to find an area with more light, and possibly shoot in HD.

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