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Tying Al's Rat

When fishing wet flies, the most productive rig I have ever used has been a #22 Al's Rat 18 inches below a sucker spawn.  Put a small amount of weight another 12 inches up the line to get a natural drift along the stream bed.  The sucker spawn acts as an attractor, but the tiny Al's Rat does most of the work as it represents the vast majority of what trout feed on in these parts; midges.

I learned of the Rat in my earliest days of fly fishing on my first visit to the Little Lehigh Fly Shop in Allentown, PA, and it was there that I met Al Miller; the creator of Al's Rat.  Al was a staple at the fly shop.  He was warm, kind, gracious, and always willing to share his knowledge on the sport of fly fishing.

Al Miller passed away on December 9, 2008.
He is missed by many, but he will never be forgotten.

Video credit: Wendell “Ozzie” Ozefovich -
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