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Where do all of these hatchery fish come from?

This past week I stumbled across another great video, this one demonstrating the Trout Spawning Process at Iowa's DNR, Manchester Hatchery.  Take a look.

As most fly fishermen know, your states Department of Natural Resources (DNR) webpage is a great source of information, and will typically include:
  • 2012 Trout Stocking Schedules
  • Opening day for fishing including early openers
  • Fishing contests for kids and adults
  • Special deals on travel and lodging
  • Stream reports, fishing conditions, and more

You may have to do a little "fishing" yourself to find the DNR page for your state.  For instance, here in PA, I went here.

When researching Colorado fly fishing I ended up here where I learned that:

"Hatchery staff at the Roaring Judy hatchery collected 11 million eggs from Kokanee salmon running out of Blue Mesa Reservoir this fall, a record harvest which ensures that it and 26 other reservoirs that rely on stocking will receive an ample supply of salmon fry next spring."

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