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March 26th, 2010 - Units in stock, and pictures on the board

posted Mar 26, 2010, 7:14 PM by Michael Lang
Fabricating the fly tying mirror is something I love to do, but the other demands of setting up this little business made me realize I had to find someone who could be trusted to fabricate high quality bases, freeing me up to work on other tasks.  I found such people (refer to March 6th, 2010 - Meeting new people...) and this week they delivered the first batch of 100 bases.  With a new supply of specimen containers due to arrive early next week, I am ready to start offering the product in quantity once again.  I just realized that within three weeks time I went from not knowing Kenny and Judy (my base supplier), to making real friends.  Regardless of where this little experiment leads me, Kenny and Judy are are now part of my life.  They're good people.
Hopefully you have had a chance to peruse the Photo Library, and specifically the Adams Dry Fly pictures.  What a kick I got as I prepared those pictures, and found that as the fly wetted to the water it slowy began to ride lower in the film, ending up looking like an emerger.  You know when your fly begins to sink, and you flick it dry, or possibly use a dessicant to dry it off and get it to float again...  Do you realize how your fly looked to the fish just before you did that?  I created this darn thing and I still get tickled whenever I discover something new.  I hope that you are enjoying yours as much as I enjoy mine.
Our debut in Fly Tyer Magazine will unfortunately be delayed until the Fall issue.  While this is a disappointment, David Klausmeyer owes us nothing!  He has been great to us with his words of support, (his latest quote, "It's a brilliant idea that will benefit all serious fly tiers.").  David's current plan is to prepare a much larger article that will include a broader look at entomology and should drive even more understanding of the subject matter and into the benefits of the fly tying mirror.  I think that David has the right idea.  Afterall, it was my exposure to entomolgy through Wendel (Ozzie) Ozefovich's 'Underwater World of Trout', Ralph Cutter's "Fish Food" and "Bugs of the Underworld", and Don Baylor's talks at the Little Lehigh Fly Shop that led me to even think about a trout's eye view of the world.
Hey, these blog entries were supposed to be short... 
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