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March 20th, 2010 - Product improvements and a bit of fishing...

posted Mar 20, 2010, 6:50 PM by Michael Lang   [ updated Mar 20, 2010, 7:23 PM ]
While the feedback regarding our Fly Tying Mirror has been incredible (better than I had dared hope for - see here), there was one suggestion that came from several people.  In the original design, the specimen container is not captured.  It merely rests on the shelf.
This was because the prototype made use of a much larger specimen container, which overhung the shelf.  When I finally located the right specimen container for the job (a high quality Petri dish chosen for its superior optical qualities and for the molded-in standoff that prevents the bottom of the Petri dish from getting scuffed), I simply failed to upgrade the design to capture the dish.  Well, this feedback was so important that we immediately stopped selling the product until we could prototype and prove out the new design.  It is done, and it works GREAT!  All new units will ship with it a captured container.  We are looking out for our existing customers by working with each of them to see if they would like to exchange their product for the new models, because that's how we roll.  It's a 50-50 split so far...   Some customers must have realized that these first units will be worth a fortune in the future.  You know how vintage fly fishing gear can be! 
And as for the fishing?  Opening day is two weeks away, but here in the Lehigh Valley, I am fortunate enough to have two 'Fly Fishing Only - Special Regulations' streams within 10 miles of my home.  These sections are open all year round (catch and release only), and feature wild trout.  Today's action?  A 13" rainbow, and a Sucker Fish both taken on sucker spawn.  (don't scoff at the sucker...  He was wild...  Haha)  Blue Wing Olive's (BWO's) were hatching all day, but the fish were not rising.  That's probably because the water on the Little Lehigh is still rather cold, but with the warm weather we are having that will soon change.  Other fishermen were having some luck using Olive Wooley Buggers. 
It was a great day to be outside.  Still, it's the dry fly fishing that I yearn for.
Take care,