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January 15, 2011 - Scandi West Fly Fishing comes onboard!

posted Jan 15, 2011, 2:28 PM by Michael Lang
Earlier this month I was contacted by Lars Ake Olsson regarding our fly tying mirror.  I did a quick search on the web before calling him and found that this little experiment we call 'Trouts Eye View' had just opened another interesting door. 
Lars as it happens, is quite important in our sport. 
1989 - Created Idsjöströmmen, Scandinavia's first catch-and-release river
1992 - Received the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Conservation Award.
Wrote two books on fly fishing:
  • Fly fishing in the Mountains (Flugfiske i Fjällen)
  • From My Fly Box (Ur Min Flugask)
  • numerous articles for Swedish and international fishing magazines.
Has appeared in the anthologies: The World's Best Trout Flies, The Grayling, and Dream Fishing.
A featured guest and fly tyer at international trade shows
Held numerous fly casting and fly fishing schools throughout Europe and the US.
Appeared several times as a featured guest on Swedish National TV
Profiled with his wife Jennifer on PBS's Western States Fly-Fishing Journal.
And he's interested in us!
Well, as has happened before, this meeting has been very beneficial to both of us.  We received some expert comment on our product, we each shared some great stories about the sport and what it has brought to us, and Lars has decided to carry our product and will be offering it for sale in his fly shop in Sweden!
I promised to keep my blog entries short, so let me end with a hearty thanks to Lars and Jennifer, and the suggestion that you visit Scandi West Fly Fishing for more info regarding their achievements.
Take care,