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What makes this site important?

Fly Fishing Tails with Trout's Eye View
Well, for one reason, they chose Trout's Eye View to write a feature article for them, and they put us on the cover!  That means a lot to a little business like Trout's Eye View.

But more than that, Fly Fishing Tails is high quality magazine with great articles and photography.  And being free, and accessible online...  That's pretty amazing, too.

Key Links:

  1. Trout's Eye View Issue:  Learn about how the color of dubbing changes when it becomes wet, simple yet realistic caddis larva patterns, and catching finicky fish.
  2. Current Issue:   Click on the 'PC Version' for an onscreen magazine, or click on the 'Tablet Version' for a PDF (which I find easier to read, even on a PC). 

  3. Past Featured Articles:  Quick links to some of the bigger feature articles from past issues.